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Sat May 09, 2015 2:04 am

I’m an Afrikaner living in England. I’m an accidental gamer. I bought my husband a gaming console when he joined one of the big gaming companies. Little did I know, how much I would love it. We became a gaming couple, and it was hilarious to see how we took on different roles in gaming compared to real life. When we played co-op, he would snipe quietly from a hill side while I would charge in and run-and-gun, and yell at him to stay alive.
I love science fiction, so I naturally enjoyed Mass Effect, Halo, Crysis and Destiny. I’m definitely getting the new Black Ops - it just looks like so much fun. As for mobile gaming, I’ve spent way too many hours playing Clash of Clans, probably because it’s so easily accessible - you can watch TV or do work at the same time.
I’m by no means a hard core gamer or hunter. I’m probably more of a gatherer. (I had a weakness for collecting books in Skyrim) I’m more than happy just experiencing, seeing it from others’ perspectives, gathering knowledge and improving my skills.

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