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Was Dead Nation the best title for the game ?

Mon Jan 02, 2017 12:23 pm

I did not know what Dead Nation was except that a work mate told me about it and what the game was like .I have been thinking if the game would have sold better if the word dead was not at the fore of the title .A very under estimated game .I have thought about some other titles that may if in the future Dead Nation 2 is released .
Alternative titles .1 Pandemic trap ? 2 D Zead World . ? Hedge of survival ? 4 Pandemic anomaly . Does the title of a game make a difference in peoples perception .

Dead nation has already had so much art work ,game design done . Surely a second game could be made with out too much work ? A game that is not tied to such a narrow formula . A game that reaches a broader player participation .Broader mission objectives and game modes .I will post specific 's to the dead nation forum .

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Re: Was Dead Nation the best title for the game ?

Tue Jan 10, 2017 4:51 pm

Naming a game is a tricky business. There's a ton of trademarks and legal stuff that you must be aware of and in addition to that the suggested name needs to feel good to us developers and the producing party while also representing the game itself accurately. Overall we are happy with all of our titles and don't believe that the name "Dead Nation" affected the sales. Not much anyways. What I've understood we started developing the game when there wasn't such a huge boom of zombie games on the market but when it was done there were already a lot of other titles that had zombies in them, which I guess affected the sales a lot more. That's just speculation however as I'm not a market analyst and didn't even work at the company at that time :-)
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