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Dead Nation Road of Devastation part II

Tue Oct 24, 2017 9:51 pm

Dear Housemarque
Dear Kati

It is already well know the reason why a new chapter of DN cannot be released. Sony keep the control of copyright about that game.
It is well cleared. No need to waste time bothering you again and again with the same request.

The new idea is the following:
Maybe your fantastic team could take into consideration the idea of working at a new game with similar features as DN.
I mean to develop a new chapter not of that same game in order not to violate the copyright: I mean a new game with similar gear, similar perspective in third person, similar IA of the enemies, similar atmosphere but different name.
The important point is to ensure that there will be:
1) Zombies
2) Two (or three, or four) characters playing online coop in endless mode
3) Six or more ways (maybe eight or ten) you can choose at the beginning. E.g. a) way of money; b) way of health; c) way of weapons; d) way of ammoes; e) way of armor; f) way of points; g) way of cutters; h) way of... etc. etc.
4) Lot of Cutters (haha :))
5) Weapons: shocker, rocket launcher, blade cannon
6) Ammoes: grenades, dyna, mines, turrets

If you will do that in my poor opinion you will hit the gold. Furthermore the dream of a lot of fans will come true.

Thanks a lot for your attention and for this fantastic forum where you can express your opinion. You all are the best.

Warmest Regards :)

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