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Is a great game, i do think House Marque is limiting there self though. They have a winning formula and to myself it seems the next step would be to expand DeadNation to an open world format, were you can go anywhere except quest an so on.
It would deviate alot from the original, but the overall player experience could be vastly improved, and replay value' that becomes a must.
Now some will say, why change? it's simple ' the market is changing and players want large open worlds and while it's harder for smaller studios to expand ,because of budget constraints it becomes imperative that they do,.
And remember players are now looking at what will get them the most for there money.
And House Marque? you see DeadNation as a developer, but i see DeadNation as the best franchise to embrace console in many years, dont let it fall off ' just because...
Sidenote: DeadNation as an open world format, would be so much better than creating DeadNation 2, because now your focus goes to creating expansion packs and not a whole new game.

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