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Re: RESOGUN, tips & tricks (especially last challenge)

Wed Mar 30, 2016 6:50 am

534n wrote:Hi,

One more challenge to achieve and I'll be done. It's the worst however : s Save all humans on Mefitis master, shooting is disabled. It's horrible! Would you guys have any tips please? Cheers! S.
P.S. I made it to level 40, got platinum but would like to continue levelling up so I found the on-line challenges, they are always empty. If you'd like to play let me know. PSN = DirtySnazzyWooly

It's a tough one.. but it's also one of my favorite challenges :)

Unfortunately, since it's the last challenge you need, I don't think I can offer any tips you don't already know... All about memorizing the level so you know exactly when the keepers show up so you have boost ready to kill them.

or this challenge, I like to use a 2 agility, 8 boost, 5 overdrive build. The 2 agility is quite useful as it's just enough to outrun and dodge almost every enemy. 8 boost is the bare minimum, 10 is better but 8 is enough if you're able to plan ahead. 5 overdrive because it's the fastest charge and faster charge means more uses.

And in case you didn't know about the overdrive "bomb", if you hold R1 there will be a white circle closing on your ship. If you release R1 once that circle closed in on your ship, it will create an EMP bomb that will destroy everything around you. A very important tool in this challenge...

Find out what's the best place for you to use your bombs...

I know, I know.. like I said.. there's no secret to this. But if it's the last challenge you need... you know what to do. You got this xD
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