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Changelog Patch 1.05 (August)

Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:16 am

Hi guys, here more details on what comes with patch 1.05 (patch 1.04 comes bundled).

You can discuss all the changes in this thread.

PS: I won't be able to reply your questions until the end of the month, my colleagues will replace me for the time being.

Major additions:
- Added weekly missions.
- Added a new difficulty level.
- Added collectible armor sets.
- Added armor paint customization.
- Added option to disable World Level 2 visuals.
- Added new trophies.
- Increased Hero Level cap by 25.
- Miscellaneous bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations.

Major fixes:
- Fixed the bug that caused players who were not part of the squad when the mission started to get worse loot (and worse score in Ark Ship).
- Fixed Ark Ship score exploit bug and increased score cap for future scores.

Quality of life improvements:
- Added an option to lock your favorite inventory items so that they won't be accidentally salvaged.
- Added a possibility to drop inventory items in local co-op so that they can be collected by another player.
- Added salvage all option which salvages all unlocked inventory items in the current category.
- Legendary items show up on minimap.

- New secondary weapon: Devastator (DLC)
- New heavy weapon: Collapser (DLC)
- Start at level 15 (DLC)

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