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Changelog Patch 1.03 (July)

Tue Jul 05, 2016 2:12 pm

Hi guys, here's the changelog:

You can comment on it on THIS THREAD.
I will be able to answer all your questions from Monday 8th, but not before that. I asked some colleagues to chime in if they can.

New Features

- Local co-op for 2-4 players
- Leagues
- New Equipment: Vortex Grenade (DLC)
- Weapons Hack, allows any class to use all primary weapons (DLC)
- Weapon ammo colors
- 6 new communication messages
- 2 new difficulty levels in Story missions, 1 new difficulty level in Ark Ship
- New trophies
- Japanese, Korean and Traditional Chinese translations enabled for all regions
- Japanese voice acting enabled for all regions

Major Fixes
- Fixed a potential desync if player joins and leaves an online mission repeatedly
- Fixed a case where game end screen would have not been displayed and a blank screen would have been displayed instead

Minor Fixes
- Tesla Charge sound fixes
- Summary screen uses the same pose for all characters
- Fleshworks Trophy actually requires enemies to be killed instead of just damaged by explosive
- Player indicator circle follows teleporting dead players
- Artillery strike turns off when player dies
- Fixed some lava pools not doing damage in Barrow
- Fixed uncollected, offscreen cores displaying their number on screen in certain alien hives

- Increased Hero Level cap by 25
- Balanced level hazard (Mortars, Turrets, etc) health to follow similar curve as aliens
- Controller light color matches player color
- Increased the chance for dropping 9-12 socket legendary weapons

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