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Local coop progress doesnt save

Sun Jul 30, 2017 5:23 pm

Hey all,

My gf and i bought a playstation recently with a playstation now subscription. Now we found out about this game and are having a blast. This weekend my brother also came over and we played alienation in local co op with 3 controllers.

Now yesterday when we started out we joined local co op through the map screen. We had me as the host and then my gf and brother signed in on the ps4 and hit join through options ingame. Now we did not see their names pop up but instead controller2 and controller3

Fair enough after a whole evening of fun we decided to continue the day after.
Now here comes the issue, when launching the game again, we noticed my charatcer saved as i was the host, but my gf and brother their character didnt. They just start again from lvl 1 as controller2 and 3 which is a real bummer...

Is this because the game is running through playstation now or are we missing something here...

Ive been trying to fix this for the last hour now but i cant find a way to save all of our characters locally... after quiting the game on ps now.

Help ?

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Re: Local coop progress doesnt save

Mon Jul 31, 2017 1:29 am

Red, your girlfriend and your brother... did they logged with their own accounts?
I yes, did they downloaded their Alienation saves from online storage?
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