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Terrible PC optimization

Thu Jun 22, 2017 12:59 pm


I really love the game, just bought it yesterday and its absolutely awesome.

However one thing that really bugs me is the poor optimization job done for some PC systems. As you can see from Steam reviews, I am not the only one affected by it.
There should be no Twin-Stick Shooter in the world that needs so much resources.

The facts:
Geforce GTX 760
Intel Xeon-E3 1231
Win 10

Latest graphics driver installed.

I know it's not a rig to play 4K VR games, but its still running most modern games on Ultra or High settings in 1080p.

However, not so with Nex Machina. On 1080p with High settings I get around 10-20 FPS.

In order to achieve 60 FPS I have to reduce resolution to 720p with all low/disabled settings.

This is terrible and looks super blurry.
Please do something about it.

Thank you for this great game.

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