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Exclusive look at TheJarvisProject!

Fri Jul 17, 2015 6:27 pm

*Sorry for the headline, could not resist :lol:

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Re: Exclusive look at TheJarvisProject!

Sun Jul 19, 2015 12:25 pm

Yeah, there were about 100 devs from all around Finland attending. We asked them not to record any video or take pictures :)

I hope we'll be able to have the public debut sometime after the summer, there's still some business things we need to take care before releasing footage.

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Re: Exclusive look at TheJarvisProject!

Sun Oct 11, 2015 4:23 pm

After reading this story from Arcade Heroes : ... e-edition/
I'm convinced it's a new Cruis'n.
"Housemarque and Eugene Jarvis join forces to create the most epic arcade shooter in the history of videogames"
The "most epic arcade shooter" doesn't really fit for Cruis'n game. Well I had hopes :p
I am stuck in the 90's I know.. I know...

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