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Bugs? or Intended by Design?

Sat Sep 09, 2017 7:32 am

I really enjoyed the game until I got to Master difficulty. It wasn't because of how hard it was with the one hit deaths. It was more of what seemed like bugs that just really got me mad making a flawless run through a board and something crazy happens...which usually causes such:

[*]Master: Terrible game lag during moments when large spawns of enemies pop up...and all around you. I can't tell you how many times I got PO'd because of this. I would have had no problem beating these parts if I actually still had normal control of the character during these moments. Maybe PS4+ is really whats need to handle to intense graphics without lag?

[*]Master: Revenge Bullets sometimes go through hardened matter when they shouldn't. I find this mostly when an enemy is flush against the hardened matter wall when you kill it. The Revenge Bullet flies right through.

[*]Master: This is definitely a bug. I can't remember which level, but I had to go into the zero gravity a good bit. So it must have been level 2.2 or 2.3. Those crazy little speeder fast enemies that bullet toward you in the zero gravity sometimes go straight through the wall and I'm freaking out like...WTF!? Why'd I just die...what happened? And it happened over and over.

[*]Master: Some enemies Revenge Bullets are shot from pretty far from where they are killed. With such fast gameplay, strategy, focus on everything, simple little things like this really agitate me.

[*]Spawning of enemies just sometimes is a cruel jump to your death because they spawn all around you. A lot of these features I compare to Geometry Wars (another game I love). It took them a few versions before really getting this part down. This is probably all by design. But I wish it was a little more lenient when an enemy spawns directly on top of you and kills you...there's absolutely nothing you can do.

[*]This is also probably by design...but I wish screen zoom in/out automatically depending on your surroundings and how fast you are going would help a lot too. This is one thing that holds me back a good bit, especially when trying to speed run a level. Enemies do tend to show up in different places, which is good...have to keep it dynamic. But If I am flying across the screen, I've found myself flying directly into a newly placed enemy, or an enemy spawn and by the time I catch it, it's too late.

[*]Idea: Maybe something like a mini map showing your general area? Not too far at all. Manual zoom control for your environment would probably be too tough to handle with so much else going on with every button.

[*]Idea: I saw someone else post about this. I don't mean to duplicated it. But it's something I thought about before myself any my list wouldn't be complete without it... Please give options to change button config. As long as I've been playing, I still mix up L1 and L2 sometimes. And if we can get R3 and L3 as optional too, that would be great. I could easily see changing L1 to L3 because that move is very directional, and I often mess up from the analogue not fully in the direction intended and I dash (or don't) to my death.

[*]Idea: Here's another idea I am stealing from Geometry Wars. I couldn't possibly keep count of the amount of times I died and had no clue from what. Maybe if the object that landed the killing blow could get a few moments of blinking above all the other crazy graphics just to show you what it was that caused your demise. It would really help. I didn't know about certain enemies projectiles for a while playing until I started recording and rewatching closely to find out, holy crap, that little thing shoots!?

I apologize if it seems like I'm asking a lot here. But, this should be taken as a good thing. I wouldn't put nearly so much time into a game I thought was subpar. It's a great game taking side scroller platformer combined with a bullet hell kind of game, but at a fast pace (similar to Outland which was great, but slow pace). A lot of people complain about this game being too short. But if you play every difficulty, it's a lot of game! I definitely had to learn new strategies to win moving up difficulties. I'm sure we'll see a DLC extended game levels, or maybe just new one altogether...: Matterfall 2. I hope some of these ideas/concerns are taken in if there is such a future for this game!

What do you other guys think? :1cool:


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Re: Bugs? or Intended by Design?

Fri Oct 06, 2017 8:53 am

Hi there and thanks for your feedback! Lag, revenge bullets going through hardened matter, little speeders in zero gravity and revenge bullets shot from far away sounds like bugs. Spawning enemies and screen zoom are just Matterfall design :-)

It always warms our hearts to see a dedicated fan, with that kind of energy! For the time being, there are no decisions made regarding DLC or other Matterfall things. Keep a keen eye for our Discord and other social media channels!

Cool as ice :1cool:

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