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Dead nation ARPG anyone?

Tue Dec 05, 2017 1:19 pm

Hi all, was gutted to hear housemarque have given up on arcade style games now :1cry: Still i guess they only appeal to a certain generation that grew up with them many years ago, i own and enjoy every housemarque game released so far on ps3/ps4/PC. While most companies are willing to let their old ip's rot in the basement (looking at you capcom and konami) i was thinking that dead nation could be resurrected into an ARPG and to be fair a lot of the groundwork is already done for it i think. Mix in whats been learnt from dead nation and alien nation and throw in some ingredients from diablo 2/3. I will give one example of a comparison, say diablo 3 rift runs, dead nation could have a search and rescue rift where you have 15 minutes to find and locate a group of people stranded in an house thats being smashed down by a zombie boss etc etc. I think it could work and would make a great game, anyway just tossing an idea in cheers for your time, Geeza over and out!

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